Medicare Health Insurance for Seniors "click here"

Whether you want a zero premium HMO, or a plan that allows you to see any doctor...We have plans for you!!

Insurance for Individuals Group Insurance

I represent ALL insurance companies in the state of California. All price levels and benefits, customfit to your needs!!

Travel Insurance "click here"

You need this coverage when you travel. Even if you have health insurance in the states, you need this coverage for only a few dollars per day!!


Senior Health Plans

These can be very confusing. I explain the 4 main areas that seniors are most concerned with...

  1. How do I get Medicare?
  2. Can I choose my own doctor?
  3. Can I choose my own Hospital?
  4. Are my prescriptions covered?

Group Insurance

Below is what I need to shop your group to all carriers in the state. I can have numbers for you same day...

  1. Employee census with dependent info.
  2. Employee age, name and zip code.
  3. HMO or PPO, or both!!

First Step!!

Call or email Lisa Anthony at...

Office: 310-376-1402    Cell:  310-650-5117