Medicare Supplements Medicare Advantage Prescription Drug Plans

Whether you want a zero premium HMO, or a plan that allows you to see any doctor...We have plans for you!!

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Individuals/Family and Company Plans

I represent ALL insurance companies in the state of California. All price levels and benefits, custom fit to your needs!!

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Travel Insurance

You need this coverage when you travel. Even if you have health insurance in the states, you need this coverage for only a few dollars per day!!

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Since 1993

Health Insurance made simple!


Health Insurance seems to have many "moving parts". Deductibles, copays, co-insurance, restrictions, underwriting, open enrollment periods etc... Not to mention it being a very hot political issue on the state and federal level. How can you make an educated decision on the most important insurance you have?

That's where I come in!  My name is Lisa Anthony, CEO of  Since 2003, I have placed thousands of clients in health plans that they can actually use!

  • I teach you how to use the plan.
  • I teach you how to navigate through networks.
  • I shop the lowest price for the coverage you desire.
  • I represent EVERY insurance company in California.