Our Approach


Our Philosophy

We have a very simple philosophy.

We put you into a plan that meets your needs in the following areas:

  • We put you into a plan that let's you choose your doctor and hospital of choice.

  • We put you into a plan that will cover your prescription drugs.

  • We put you into a plan that gives you options to move on your birthday or open enrollment.

  • We will "go to bat for you" if you have any type of problem with the insurance company.

  • We will contact you often to make sure you are happy with your health insurance.


At apply4medical.com we know the insurance markets inside and out. Having been in the business for 14 years, we know the how the insurance companies work and how to "get you into the right plan". We can answer your questions regarding Medicare, Obamacare, Group Health Insurance and many others.

Just email us with your questions at health@apply4medical.com











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